37 Quick & Easy Outfits
That Will INSTANTLY Make You Look AMAZING...... Guaranteed!

For men who want to step up their game but don't know how to put an outfit together

  • Go from invisible to MEMORABLE overnight
  • Command the RESPECT you deserve
  • Supercharge your CONFIDENCE in 24 hours

37 Quick & Easy Outfits
That Will INSTANTLY Make You Look AMAZING...... Guaranteed!

For men who want to step up their game but don't know how to put an outfit together

  • Go from invisible to MEMORABLE overnight
  • Command the RESPECT you deserve
  • Supercharge your CONFIDENCE in 24 hours

Time is your most precious resource.
Don't waste it wondering what to wear.

Time is your most precious resource.
Don't waste it wondering what to wear.

Some men instinctively know what looks good and what doesn't. But for the rest of us, it's not that easy.

I know what it feels like when you want to step up your game but you don't know how to put an outfit together. It's stressful and time-consuming. And it's made worse by the volume of convoluted information published online by so-called "fashion gurus." 

The truth is... men's style isn't complicated if you've got the right tools...
I created Style Made Simple™ to help men just like you. Men who want to dress sharp but struggle putting an outfit together.

You get the instant outfit inspiration you need so you don't have to spend time learning the intricacies of men's style, through soul-destroying and time-consuming "trial and error."

And so you don't waste hundreds or thousands of dollars buying trying different combos that simply don't work.

I also explain what combinations and colors NEVER/ALWAYS go great together so that you can look unique, without being ridiculous or over the top. This means you'll feel confident in making minor alterations/additions to the outfits presented. 
Let me know if this sounds familiar:
  • You've lost weight and now your clothes don't fit properly
  • ​You've started a new job in sales and you need to nail those client meetings
  • ​You've been promoted into a managerial position and you need to look the part
  • ​You've just hit 50 and you've pretty much dressed the same since college
  • ​You want to complement your girlfriend / partner when you go out together
  • ​You're starting off dating and you need to nail the first impressions
  • ​You're tired of being the "nice guy." You want to be remembered
  • You want to look stylish and unique, without looking flashy and ridiculous 
The struggle is real. 

But you know what? It’s not your fault.
In the next few paragraphs, I'm going to obliterate your frustration of not knowing what to wear, once and for all.

I'll show you why the fashion industry is murdering your ability to put together a classic, timeless outfit - keeping you dazed and confused every time you open your closet...

And I'll show you how to build a wardrobe of timeless clothing essentials that aren't dictated by fickle fashion trends. 

By the end of this message, you'll feel like you have the "Road Map" to being the attractive, stylish man you know yourself to be...
  • No matter how average you think you look
  • No matter how shy you are
  • ​No matter how old you are
  • ​No matter what your body shape 
  • ​No matter how clueless you are when it comes to men's style
I admit it - this sounds a bit audacious. And if you’re a bit skeptical, I don’t blame you.

Yet the reason I can make this promise is because what I’m about to teach you has ALREADY transformed the lives of tens of thousands of guys like you:
Troy C
New York, USA
Travis W
Talha Y
Lahore, Pakistan
Christopher N
Texas, USA
Gavin P
Newcastle, UK
Antonio C
(Yes, it's me!)
So now, you're probably wondering.... 

Who's the guy behind all this?

I'm Antonio Centeno. Type my name into google and you'll find a few things like:
  • Founder of men's style website Real Men Real Style
  • Over 3,000 article & infographics
  • ​170 million+ YouTube views
  • ​2.5 million+ YouTube subscribers
  • ​Former Marine Officer
  • ​Father (4 kids) & Husband
I've been featured in GQ, Esquire, Art of Manliness, The New York Times, CNN, Huffington Post, Lifehacker, Business Insider, and Forbes.

I have an MBA Degree from UT Austin, & a BBA Cornell College.

Before this, I owned a custom clothier where I designed and built thousands of wardrobes from scratch.
I've directly mentored over 2,000 men to transform their image so they can get what they want out of life - and I'll help you too!
I've been featured in:

The truth about men's fashion...

Now, if you're like most men who struggle with dressing sharp, you might have fallen for the dangerous misconception that you need to buy a dresser full of designer clothes to look good…

That you need to stay on top of fashion trends…

That the more pieces you have in your closet (and the more expensive), the better. 

But I'm here to tell you that this is 100% FALSE.

Men's clothing designers crank out new styles pretty much every month. The more styles they crank out, the more money they make. 

And by continually releasing new styles, they aim to play on your emotions - making you feel "out of date" if you're wearing "last season's" clothes. 

This garbage is designed to keep you spending as you fruitlessly chase the latest trend. 

But what these clothing designers don't want you to know is that real men's style does not change from decade to decade. It does not go out of fashion

A perfectly tailored suit from 1960 looks as good now as it did then. And it'll stay looking good DECADES from now.

Not convinced? Take a look at this photo of Sean Connery... 

Does he look "out of date" to you? 

Didn't think so. And this photo was taken 57 years ago. 

This photo is a perfect example of 'timeless style' - and it's something "fashion consultants" absolutely despise because it stops them making money. 

But now you "get it", you're left with a conundrum.... 
"I want to look good... but I don't know where to start!"
I feel your pain because I've been there. Over 20 years, I've learned men's style from the ground up. 

I've been complimented, criticised, swooned over, laughed at, promoted and fired over my wardrobe successes and failures. 

And through all this trial and error, I've learned one thing...

Real men's style isn't complicated, but it does take time to learn.

In fact, it takes years to learn if you want to master the art of putting together a stylish, interchangeable wardrobe.

So my advice to you? 

Don't overcomplicate it.

Issac Newton famously said, "if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants."

And the same applies to you. You do not need to spend hours and hours staring at your closet, trying to figure out "what works for me".

You need to imitate before you innovate, leveraging the timeless style combinations that have been tried and tested 1,000s of times before.

37 quick & easy outfit combinations for any occasion

This is my collection of men's style “templates” - perfected over my 20 years working in men's style. I've made looking stylish completely fool-proof, because there’s zero guesswork involved And there are outfits for virtually every social occasion.

And you don't to buy 234 shirts, 30 pairs of trousers and 53 sports jackets. Each of the 37 outfits has been thoughtfully crafted to work interchangeably with the others.

I’ve taken all the guesswork out of putting together these types of outfits so that you no longer have to worry about making a bad decision.

What you get:

Instant access to 37 tried and tested outfit combinations
An itemized breakout of the clothes you need 
A breakout of the colors and styles that NEVER go together
A breakout of the colors and styles that ALWAYS go together
Bonus: How to pick the right glasses for your face shape
Bonus: How to pick the right haircut for your face shape
100% money back guarantee (no questions asked)

Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide for whatever reason you don't like these templates, I'll give you your money back - no questions asked.

Secure Payment

I respect your privacy and we do not store your credit card details. Transactions are made through an encrypted secure server. 

Is this right for you?


  • You don't know what makes a stylish outfit
  • ​You don't know "what goes with what"
  • ​​You've been wearing the same thing since college (and it looks lame!)
  • ​You don't know how to dress for a specific occasion
  • ​You don't know how to figure out your own "style"
  • ​You don't know how colors work together. Does blue go with red? 
  • ​You've lost weight and now your clothes don't fit you properly
  • ​You're confused by men's style
  • You want to dress right for your new job
  • ​You're meeting a client and you want to look smart, respectable but not like the stereotypical, untrustworthy  "salesman"
  • ​You don't want to look "flash" 
  • ​You don't "get" fashion 
  • ​You're short of time 
  • ​You don't know how you're perceived
  • ​You want instant respect
  • ​You want to look good without going overboard and screaming for attention


  • You're already an expert in men's style
  • ​You've got a wardrobe full of perfect outfits you can wear to any occasion
  • You don’t need a step-by-step guide and would rather grow your wardrobe through trial and error
  • ​You're happy to spend hours researching men's style and outfit combinations to piece together the information you need
  • ​You already know exactly what to wear, no matter what the occasion (and you know your outfit looks incredible)
  • ​You prefer keeping up with the latest trends and don't like the idea of a "timeless style"

Testimonials from men I've helped

After my divorce, the principles I learned from Real Men Real Style helped me pick up the pieces, get my life back together, and become a brand new man. 

I'm still overweight and bald, but I love how I look!

Lee N.
Suwanee, Georgia
Mr Centeno has a knack for style advice made for a man who has good basic knowledge and helps to fine tune the way I want to present myself. 

At the same time for the guy who is just breaking into dressing better than the average schmoe can easily make sense of the advice and put the knowledge to good use.

K. Leach
I have dressed down for most of my life assuming dressing up meant not being comfortable. 

Thank you Antonio... I already see a change in how people react to me both in business and in my personal life now that I am dressing like a real man! Thanks.

Mike M.

37 quick & easy outfit combinations for any occasion

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