The Style Expert’s 
Methodology To Dress Sharp 
As Sh*t Every Day...  
Especially If You 
Know NOTHING About Style
The Style Expert’s 
Methodology To Dress Sharp 
As Sh*t Every Day...  
Especially If You 
Know NOTHING About Style
Discover How To Send "Success Signals" 
& Reveal Your Natural Confidence In 30 days GUARANTEED. 
Discover How To Send 
"Success Signals" 
& Reveal Your Natural Confidence In 30 days GUARANTEED. 
(Without spending HOURS “shopping”, reading “fashion magazines”, or feeling like a “Dandy”)
Why are some men 10X, 20X, even 100X more successful than others?

Can I be brutally honest here for a second?

It's NOT an Ivy League education (Richard Branson dropped out of school at 15 and is worth $5 Billion dollars)...

It's NOT time (We all have the same 24 hours in a day)...

It's NOT because of their "ripped physiques bro" (Last time we checked, recording artist CeeLo Green, worth $22 million, didn't have a 6-pack)...  

What do they know that you don't?

How did they figure it out?

Let’s be honest....This is the crap you deal with:
  • ​Everyone around you dresses like crap….so if you up your style game you’re going to be made fun of!   
  • ​You’re turned down when you ask women out. In fact you overhear one of them calling you the “fall-back” option. 
  • When you dress-up you feel like a clown. You don’t know the difference between a suit & sports jacket, bow-tie & necktie, and why the hell does style matter?  
  • ​You want to improve your image, but where to start? WAY too much info out there and half that shit contradicts itself.   
  • ​You don’t want to waste money on crap clothing you’ll never wear.   
  • ​You tried to dress stylish and were made fun of by everyone in the office. Even your girl asked what’s up with the costume.   
  • You HATE walk into a store and you don't have a clue...Which aisle? Which color? Pants? Shoes? Jackets? GAHHHH...Just Forget it! 
  • ​You’re skinny…..and your style makes you look like a twig. 
  • ​You're overweight....and your clothing makes you look even fatter! 
  • ​You’re 5’4”....and your clothing makes you look like 4’5”!  
  • ​You spend 8 hours shopping and buy NOTHING because you can’t find clothing you like...OR you don't even know WHAT you're supposed to like!!   
  • ​You’re 6’6” and need to dress like a wealth manager, not an NBA draft pick.  
  • ​Everyone questions your decisions DESPITE the fact you’re right (and the boss!)  
  • ​You feel you’ll never attract a beautiful woman. They’re out of your league.
  • ​You dressed up once...but felt like an imposter. This isn’t “you”...
  • ​You’ve lost your MOJO, your inner fire, your edge. What happened?
What if there was a PROVEN system that could help you:

  • Land your dream job, one that pays you 5X what you're currently earning
  •  Walk into a room and OWN it...even if you’re an introvert 
  •  Discover and project your message to the world, so it’s clear who you are and what you stand for 
  •  Dress like the MAN you know yourself to you’re respected IMMEDIATELY in ANY room you walk into (whether it’s the boardroom or the bedroom) 
  •  Start your morning off in PEAK state rather than stress for an hour about what you’re going to wear 
  •  Discover how to signal strength, status, and authority so people see you as THE MAN 
  •  Date women out of your league

Well - you don't have to wonder...we BUILT IT!

The Style System is our ULTIMATE masterclass that leverages the "Science of Style"...

We give you a blueprint to use our proven principles...instantly!

Before we go any further...I can tell you may be skeptical. 

Here's what this course IS NOT: 
  • ​Weird “tricks” or “fashion hacks”
  •  “Trend chasing”  
  •  Playing dress up for dress up's sake
  •  A scammy “law of attraction” course that just tells you to focus harder 
Here's what this course IS:
  • PROVEN scientific research behind getting people to trust you INSTANTLY based on your style & body language (YES - I have the research)
  • A step-by-step guide on how to build a wardrobe that puts your style on auto-pilot (We have life-changing systems that we help you implement).  
  • Proven methods that trigger people to respect you instantly...which leads to closing more sales (Seriously - our research shows you can earn over $232,000 more on AVERAGE over your lifetime just by implementing these principles) 
  • A blueprint to constructing a wardrobe to projects competence & authority
In other words, we help you re-invent yourself...
"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. "
- Charles Darwin
The Style System helps re-brand YOU...because what you're doing now obviously isn't working...(I know that because you're reading this)...

So what's the simple solution?

Info ---> Action ---> Measure ---> Adjust ---> REPEAT

OK - that's EASY...

Well YES & no...
“Everything in war is very simple. But the simplest thing is difficult.”

- Carl Von Clausewitz 
Let’s go over the Action Feedback Loop again?
Info ---> Action ---> Measure ---> Adjust ---> REPEAT

What you need to WIN!

  • Right Info at Right Time
  •  Precise & Consistent Action 
  •  Know What To Measure & How To Measure 
  •  What & When To Adjust
So you may be I get it...

...but what is this "Science" and "proven research" you're talkin' about?

Well - here are a few...
5 Scientific Strategies That Reveal The Game Being Played Around You
1. Men who are seen as dominant, high status & influential get more money and women.
“Dominance -> High status -> Influence = Rewards + Evaluations. [Dominant] men received higher rewards, and more positive ratings.”
Aysan Sev’er (1991). Women, Men, and Dominance in Small Groups: A Social Roles Assessment. The Canadian Journal of Sociology / Cahiers canadiens de sociologie. Vol. 16, No. 3 (Summer, 1991), pp. 265-280
2. Attractive men make $2,600 more per year for every extra 'point' of attractiveness.
“By 1983, men were found to earn $2600 more [per year] on the average for each unit of attractiveness”
Frieze, I. H., Olson, J. E. and Russell, J. (1991), Attractiveness and Income for Men and Women in Management. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 21: 1039–1057. doi: 10.1111/j.1559-1816.1991.tb00458.x
3. Women choose high status dominant men for casual sex and relationships.
“When women choose partners, non-physical characteristics such as ambition, status, and dominance establish a pool of partners who are potentially acceptable for sexual relations and higher-investment relationships.”
Townsend, M., Wasserman, T. (May 1998). Evolution & Human Behavior, Volume 19, Issue 3 , Pages 171-191.
4. Powerful men are sexy to women and influence other men.
“Powerful people are more likely to be seen as sexy by others than are persons without power…the interpersonal power of men makes them sexy, both to men and to women.”
John Levi Martin (2005). Is Power Sexy? American Journal of Sociology. Vol. 111, No. 2 (September 2005), pp. 408-446. Published by: The University of Chicago Press.
5. A man's attractiveness is based on what he owns and wears.
“Men’s assessments of sexual attractiveness are determined more by objectively assess-able physical attributes”
Townsend, J. et al. (June 1997). The Perception of Sexual Attractiveness: Sex Differences in Variability. Archives of Sexual Behavior, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp 243-268
The science is in! 

Power is sexy, period. 

Lemme ask you:

How would more respect from other men change...

- Every conversation you have?

- Every job interview you walk into?

- Every business deal you make?

- Every woman overhearing your name at a party because other men mention how great you are?

That’s power. That’s influence. That’s having options…EVERYWHERE.
“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” 

– That Darwin dude again.
Okay - so who the heck am I? And what qualifies me to teach this stuff?

I'm Antonio Centeno. 

Type my name into google and you'll find a few things like:

- Founder of Real Men Real Style
- Over 3,000 article & infographics
- Best-selling book “Dress Like A Man”
- Over 170,000,000 views on YouTube
- 2.5 million YouTube subscribers
- Former Marine Officer
- Father (4 kids) & Husband

I've been featured in GQ, Esquire, Art of Manliness, The New York Times, CNN, Huffington Post, Lifehacker, Business Insider, Forbes.

I have an MBA Degree from UT Austin, & a BBA Cornell College.

Before this, I owned a custom clothier where I designed and built thousands of wardrobes from scratch.

I've directly mentored over 2,000 men to transform their image so they can get what they want out of life.

But don't just take my word for it....Look at the results others have achieved!
“I went through his “Style System” course and gleaned all I could. Now my outward appearance truly mirrors my inner man.

In the 5 months since I began to make the changes Antonio equipped me to make, I have become a lead consultant to a multi-million dollar Napa winery and I am acting as the COO of a new technology company.

Dressing well didn’t teach me these skills, but it gave me the confidence to put myself out there, and the credibility to be given a chance to prove myself.

Not to mention… it’s a lot easier to get dates! 

 Antonio is the King in my opinion. This man will help you get where you want to be in your life. He has had a huge impact on mine.”

- Matt Wolcott
The Style System changed my life. I come from a lower class family so any money I make would go straight towards myself and no investment in my future. I never saw this as a bad thing because I wouldn't be lavish or extravagant.  

I was laid off right before Christmas the week before my aunt passed away and the week after right before new years my car was stolen.

I would watch all his videos for days and hours and weeks on end and started subscribing to his emails which I highly suggest you do ASAP.

I learned so much...from his kindness and guidance and loving generosity.

I found my mentor and never looked back. I attribute my success to him and I couldn’t have done it without his help. I started valuing my time and money. I used my misfortune to my advantage and went to thrift stores I donated all my clothing and started from scratch...I would take the bus and listen to his audio-books I read all his articles and try and better myself as a man.”

- Louis Luzuka

I started looking into dressing sharp for a few reasons. First I’m a father of 4 and didn’t want to dress worse than my eldest son. 

Second, I started working as a barber and wanted to dress up in the industry. And thirdly I just wanted to look like a man and be treated as such. 

I grew up without my father around and didn’t have anyone to look up to, so I just copied my friends and dressed like they did. 

To cut this short, I just wanted to look professional in my line of work and I didn’t want to let my children down anymore. I’m a man & a father and I wanted to be treated like one. 

 I’ve learnt from Antonio, not only does dressing will make me stand out but the little extras go the extra mile.

- Harry
And FYI - if you’re not happy with the product we’ll buy it back from you!
Ok Ok Ok...

If you’re STILL reading...chances are you just want to know how much it is.
Just get to the PRICE ANTONIO...GEEZ!


If you’ve ever struggled with style you’ve probably spent thousands on clothing in your lifetime...So it’s probably costing you more than you care to spend to do this on your own.

And FYI - if you were to hire me 1-on-1 to coach you, I charge $1,000 per hour for my time.

Assuming it would take me around 10 days (at an hour a day - being modest) to cover everything this course has...

It would cost you around $10,000 - $20,000 for me to help you personally.

The value of everything in this course without me coaching is easily worth $3,000...  it's literally everything I've learned over 10 years of being in this industry

Click the button below to discover the INSANE price we're offering this for! 

HOWEVER - If you’re not going to take action on the information in this course I will go ahead and tell you NOT to buy it.

Information alone doesn’t transform you…

If knowledge was power, librarians would rule the world.

But knowledge acted upon at the right time = RESULTS! 

So, if you’re ready to finally become the man you know yourself to be, but need a the button below! 

And HURRY - the price won't be this low forever

What’s your return policy? If this sucks can I get my money back?
Absolutely - if you’re unhappy with this course (unlikely, but it can happen), we’ll buy it back from strings attached. 
Do you guarantee success?
If you take action on the principles we teach...yes you will have success. But I’m not your daddy here, I can’t force you to act on anything if you don’t want to.
How many men have succeeded with your training?
Thousands of men have made positive changes in their life with my information & training - just take a look at all of the testimonials I’ve received.
I’m a woman, can I take this course?
While most of our content is geared towards men’s style - there are principles in here that can benefit women too! In fact, about 8% of my audience are women who want a scientific approach to style. knowing what style principles make men successful will help a woman succeed as well.
Why do I need to buy today?
Because not taking action is choosing to do nothing. Let’s face it - if you don’t take action now you won’t take action tomorrow, next week, or a year from now. I WANT to help you be a success, and so I offer a quick action discount to motivate you and overcome hesitation.
Do I get one-on-one access to Antonio and his team?
You will get 1 coaching session with RMRS certified personal image coach upon completion of the course.
Are you a scam?
No scams here. Just Google us. We’ve been doing this type of work for over a decade with a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. Antonio has 1000+ video on YouTube that have reached almost 200 million men and has interviewed with 100+ media outlets. If you’re still skeptical, consider seeing a doctor.
I need to think about this - can I lock in the price?
This program is for action takers and people who want change, now. Our price is a one-time offer and won’t be repeated
What if I fall behind? 
The course can be completed at your own pace, so the only “falling” you’ll be doing is falling in love with the program!
What if I’m just lazy and unmotivated?
Then you’ve got bigger problems than style my friend.
I’m not in the US, can I still buy this?
Absolutely - approximately 40% of our satisfied customer live outside the USA. Some of the brand recommendations may not be in your country but the principles are universal.
I’m just not an attractive person, will this help me?
ABSOLUTELY! Attraction is so much more than physical looks you’re born with. The Style System helps men become more attractive through mastery of things you can control such as clothing, mannerisms, and body language.
I’m a lawyer/ consultant/ IT manager. Is this course for me?
Definitely! Most of our satisfied customers are professional men who have 10 years of experience and advanced degrees.
I barely have time now to get things much time will this course take?
This is a “go at your own pace” course. You have lifetime access to it. I encourage you to set aside 4 hours per week for 5 weeks, or 45 minutes per day to complete assignments. I’ve seen guys have success giving it 15 minutes a day, and others complete everything in 1 week. It really depends on you.  
I understand that if I put in the work and take action on the systems I will see results, but how long will it take? How many hours should I set aside each week?
4 hours per week, 20 hours total, BUT I do provide additional resources that if you’re really ambitious can expand the course out another 50 hours!  
Will the information in this course be “out-of-date or out-of-fashion” within a year?
No! This is all timeless information. We also update the Style System every month with new information as science progresses meaning we always have the latest research.
I’m in high school - is this course right for me?
YES. If you’re graduating soon and looking to get a job or an internship this course will be an excellent foundation.
I’m in college - is this course right for me?
YES The Style System is perfect for college men who will be moving into the workforce or starting their own business.
Why is it so expensive?
“Expensive” is relative. The principles we teach help you make more money ($232,000 on average). So it’s an investment that pays you a 200X return. Not bad!
Why is this so cheap?
Good question! Because I want to make it available to any man who is willing to invest in himself. 
 Will my membership expire?
No, you have lifetime access to this course.
Having questions? Please contact us: